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Installation, Operation and Support

Continental Technologies can be involved in the installation, commissioning, start-up and operation of your system to any degree that you want. Our facility is set up for fabrication and operation of equipment built by us or our clients.

Engaging us to operate your pilot plant can result in signifant savings on the overall project. Operation in our facility enables us to eliminate the materails involved in the skid itself. Plus, time to operation is cut, since the unit doesn't need to be shipped (again saving money), installed and started-up after it's been through our safety and performance testing.

Working side-by-side with your staff, our personnel can troubleshoot and help solve any problems encountered during commissioning and operation at your site. Because ergonomic operation has been a central design consideration from the start, your operators will be able to spend more time optimizing pilot plant processes, not struggling with what should be easy, day-to-day operational duties.

Ponca City fabrication facility

Start-Up is Just the Beginning

Operator manuals, design drawings and peer-to-peer operator assistance are all part of the comprehensive services that we offer. Since your team can be involved in the process from the beginning, they are able to quickly ramp up the unit to full operation. We can also provide guidance on preventive maintenance. Continental Technologies can help you get replacement parts, install them and conduct root cause analysis to determine the source of any problem.

Our experience in the field is a significant and important advantage when it comes to service. We know that it’s at these times when accessibility is most critical – and designing from an end user perspective proves to be so rewarding.



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