pilot plant fabrication

Your Application. Your Safety. Your Design.

Continental Technologies' "design from the end-user perspective" approach works because we speak your language. Key staff members have an average of 20 years experience in R&D operations and have operated bench-scale, lab-scale units and pilot plants during their career.

We understand that conceptual engineering and pilot plant operability go hand-in-hand. We can quickly grasp the unique requirements of your application and respond with process designs that ensure your unit will be operator-friendly and deliver the data and product you need.

Working with hazardous materials at extreme temperatures and pressures can be dangerous. We create process units that are in compliance with your industry’s standards and regulations. Our comprehensive approach includes “what if?” brainstorming with you to anticipate the potential hazards and define safety solutions appropriate for your application. Plus, our experience allows us to contribute to your formal safety review process.

Front End Engineering Design Detailed Design

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Scope Planning and Definition

  • Develop the scope of the project from a preliminary concept or a highly-developed concept (size, desired results, etc.)

  • Assessing the purpose, size, operational flexibility, and the extent of automation and analytical equipment required to meet your project goals.

  • Other items include feedstock qualification and an assessment of capital and operating cost.

Engineering Study

  • Depth of the study

  • Budget estimate

  • Tightening of the project's scope

  • Identification all major equipment

  • Projecting labor costs

  • Developing a critical path schedule

  • Material and energy balance

  • Preliminary safety and operations review

  • Block Flow Diagram (BFD)

  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD).

Detailed Engineering Design

  • Safety Review, Technology Review, Design Review

  • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

  • Instrumentation & Equipment (I&E) Materials List

  • Equipment - Specifications and drawings for all equipment (process, mechanical, structural, piping, electrical and instrument)

  • Energy & Utility Requirements

  • Safety Systems - Process Hazards Assessment / Process Safety Management

  • Vendor Pre-Qualification - Gather Quotes & Datasheets on equipment from pre-qualified vendors

  • Control System Design (Electrical Design)

  • Layout Drawings - Plan & Elevation &/or 3-D (Structural Design)

  • Milestone Schedule Development

  • Labor Cost Estimate

  • Final Design Review

  • Engineering Package with Cost Estimate and Schedule

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