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Previous Jobs

Some of our recent projects and staff project experience include:

  • Fabrication of a set of skidded pilot plants for a leading biomass-to-synthetic fuels company. Overall, the project included fabrication, installation, start-up assistance and operator training.

  • Design, fabrication and operation of a pilot-scale catalytic reactor system for production of alcohols from synthesis gas derived from biomass.

  • Design and fabrication of a pilot plant to separate hydrogen from synthesis gas for IGCC applications, using newly developed membrane separation technology.

  • Design for a fuel processing pilot plant for converting biomass to various liquid fuels. The system includes taking the output from a fermentor through several fuel-refining steps to convert the biomass fuel to gasoline.

  • Provided the disassembly, relocation and reassembly of alternative energy catalyst development pilot units.

  • Led the design, construction and operation of a 400 BPD GTL Demonstration Plant at a cost of ~$100 MM. Plant integrated all technologies and was totally self sufficient including its own utility systems, rail and truck loading facilities and waste handling.

  • Managed the design, construction and operation of a 3 BPD Fischer-Tropsch bubble column pilot plant.

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