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About Continental Technologies

In 2007, Paul Grimmer, President and owner, recognized that a need existed for a fabrication shop that could be more responsive than the established providers and that could bring special skills to the table. Therefore, Continental Technologies was founded and staffed with hand-picked choices based on long-standing professional relationships with each person. The majority of the staff individually has 20+ years of experience designing, building and operating process equipment and has been chosen based on demonstrated excellence in their profession. These individuals designed, built and operated facilities ranging in size from bench to pilot to commercial for Phillips, Conoco, Exxon and DuPont.

Boulder, Colorado

Continental Technologies is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Colorado is a region that is focused on supporting new technology development for many industries. By establishing our headquarters in Boulder, we are able to maintain close business relationships with many of the organizations that are driving clean energy and other technologies.

Not by accident, Continental Technologies' headquarters is located next door to a company of close affiliation, Eltron Research & Development. One  unique advantage that Continental Technologies has  versus its competitors is a close working relationship with Eltron Research & Development, an organization with experience in catalyst design, synthesis, evaluation & scale-up, materials research & synthesis, design & engineering, analytical services, prototype development, and technology feasibility studies. Engaging Eltron can help speed time to market and reduce risks associated with introducing new technology. In essence, our Ph.D. scientists and engineers are an "instant R&D" team that's ready to complement your in-house staff and help you adjust to industry trends.

Links to our Affiliated Organizations:

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